Membership Prices

2023/24 Prices

We currently have an anticipated 4-5 year waiting list for 7- day male membership, although we are able to offer you 5-day (Monday to Friday) membership. There is currently no waiting list for ladies Membership.

Please complete an application form and one of our Membership team will contact you to discuss your options.

We offer a wide range of membership options priced for all ages.

Please note only one joining fee per household is payable (parent, child, partner - proof of current residency required and one year prior to joining date)

England Golf and Local Union affiliation fees are not included

FULL PLAYING MEMBERS - 7 DAYS £1,264 75% of subscription 10% 10 months Option to pay Joining fee up to 2 years, min 50% in yr1 we currently have a waiting list for 7 days Full membership. Please note an applicants name will remain in place in the order of the date application, and will take the next available Full 7 Day space, irrespective of whether the interim or 5 Day membership options are taken beforehand, and irrespective of previous Membership status.
FULL PLAYING MEMBERS- 5 DAYS (MONDAY TO FRIDAY) £1,050 75% of subscription please note only one payable per household 10% 10 months Monday to Friday only - No weekends  
26 to 30yrs (inclusive) * 75% of Full membership subscription 75% of Joining fee 10% 10 months Option to pay Joining fee up to 2 years, min 50% in yr1  
18 to 25yrs (inclusive) * 50% of Full membership subscription 50% of Joining fee 10% 10 months Option to pay Joining fee up to 2 years, min 50% in yr1  
16 & 17yrs * (May pay to enter competitions to win) £244 no joining fee (payable on reaching 18) 10% N/A   Please note that all Junior categories are very close to full capacity at present, and may have a waiting list in the near future.
JUNIOR ages 13-15* (inclusive) £120 Plus £50 for Junior Passport Induction no joining fee 10%   D.O.B on 1st April in playing year joined Can enter competitions but not eligible to win
JUNIOR ages 7-12* (inclusive) No subscription for Home players AWAY players £120  Plus £50 for Junior Passport Induction for all Juniors no joining fee     D.O.B on 1st April in playing year joined Minimum age 7yrs Unable to enter competitions
Social Membership is currently on hold to new admissions tbc N/A 10% N/A    
3 Swans Diner (entry into Club with up to 5 guests) for Food & Beverage) £5 N/A N/A N/A    
* based on age as at 1st April 2024            
Special Rate for 18-21 in proven Full Time education Please enquire via the office for details          


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